A story without you or I

Prayer meeting ended. Sun went down with golden sky. Writing now.

The geese are flying, Watched as the V split in two, one side leaning west to the sun and the other east to the water. The paths home changed, but home stayed in the same place with the same candle.

The winter snow covers all that was lost until the spring air comes to make things new again. No trips are made. It is the time to wait and let the seeds that were planted in October sleep until what is inside them wakes up to come out. All that could be done until then, has been done. The world shines in this light. It is crisp and white, except at night when it glows orange and yellow from the windows.

Friends move in different paths, but sometimes leave a trace of remembering. The bird misses the leaves when they fall. It is like that with friends. The bird still flies and more leaves will come. The bird knows that, and waits on the promise of new leaves. The birds must feel their wings or they forget how to use them.

People are either a tree or a leaf. As a tree they change with the seasons, it is a natural process that must happen, but they remain rooted in place so they can be found again. Those that are leaves fly away with the seasons and are lost to another place. Maybe some are both the tree and the leaf. Like a maple key, that floats in the wind as a leaf does but inside, it holds a great and strong tree. It needs only to find its place before it will grow.

Then there will be more music and time to tell stories and smile at the others faces. Laughing at the freckles and shining with love.

The moon has moved again and the snow is falling. The lights that are always flying into the city have stopped now too. It is time to sleep. The days after tomorrow may bring more words, but only if they come.

Comments on “A story without you or I”:

Nagmeh says:
13 Jan 2011, 15:31

I love this one.

joe says:
16 Jan 2011, 13:41

Very sweet. Snow is the great 'leveller'. it masks the vanities of showy gardenscapes and all are even again with a a new clean canvas to plan the coming springs garden art