Fundamentally organic in nature

Inspired by the collaborative approach of “The Nature of Us,” a group that was gathered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan last week underwent a collective writing process after studying an important message. A sentence inspired by the study was written on a piece of paper, and handed to someone to write a second sentence in response. The paper was then folded down to cover the first sentence, and handed to another friend to respond to the last sentence written, after which they folded the paper over the previous sentence for someone else to write a sentence in response to their own. This continued until 17 individuals had anonomously each contributed a line.

No one knew the original sentence or could see the whole poem until the paper was finally unfolded and read aloud at the end of the night. The final product illustrates the collective unity of thought of the group that allowed for a coherent poem to be written as many threads came together.

We are part of a process that is fundamentally organic in nature.

Because nature, after all, is the mother of all organic growth, right?

And nature is the counterpart of spiritual realities.
However, one does not ever know his path in life.
In life, our life, one life, all life, ever
Look forward, go forward, be forward, forever.
It’s a good vantage point to look back and see how far you’ve come
While also having a vision of the future.

We seek to encourage diversity of thought, and accompany others to release their potentialities. May they soar to realms not imagined,
Let them act with agility and joy,
Pursuing over mountains and seas, travelling to all regions to spread the message.

Shoes worn, coat ripped, the trundle bag sagged and the teacher looked up at the sky and sighed.
Beseeching God’s direction, the teacher, with their heart wide open, awaited their heart’s desire to be fulfilled.
Eagerly anticipating the future, they persevered in their efforts.
Forgetting themselves and their limits, they were strong
And they strengthened in their union, in their coming together,
They marched forward, pressed together in serried lines.

We are part of a process that is fundamentally organic in nature.

Comments on “Fundamentally organic in nature”:

David Fuller says:
8 Feb 2011, 17:40

I like your composition.

Natasha says:
16 Feb 2011, 23:18

liked the approach to this poem, how each line built on the previous one and how this led the piece to take on a life of its own, with distinct parts to it, but each woven together in a beautiful way. The piece itself made me think it's interesting also how the process of writing is largely an organic process, how it begins from an idea, a spark of inspiration, and then begins to grow, takes on a life of its own, although not haphazardly, drawing on various techniques and forms in a way that best captures the idea of the work.

Natasha says:
16 Feb 2011, 23:20

I have a question about one of the following line: "However, one does not ever know his path in life." I am wondering how this line was inspired by the line preceding it. I am also wondering, is this true that we don't know our path in life? Or is it that we just don't know what direction it will take? Can we know that we are on a path, but not know what are path is?