Her eyes

Her eyes are piercing, but warm.
They connect to mine in an instant, and she sees past their cloudy guard
Hers aren’t eyes that can inspire worry or hurt, no.
They are warm

Like keys they unlock
They sense and perceive
Though weeping themselves, she smiles
Her unyielding token of faith

Through them I feel warmth flood the atmosphere
Through them I see hues everywhere illumine and brighten
Her eyes are portals to joy, allowing me to see things more clearly.
Imagine that, her eyes inspire clarity in my own.

Such is the influence that one can exert over another
When channelling something pure
Such is the power of her eyes
So I am thankful for them.

She is a Leaf upon a Tree that gives life
She is a holy leaf.
In her loyal and exalted servitude
She endured a myriad afflictions and unceasing pain

Somehow still, with her eyes
And in her beaming countenance
Hope reassured myriad hearts
And continues to hearten my own

She smiles
Her eyes pierce, but radiate warmth
And in their glow
Light charges the air

Comments on “Her eyes”:

David Fuller says:
8 Feb 2011, 17:49

This is quite skillfully done.