I am a product of society

In line on early Boxing Day
When discount radars lead our way
To the sleepy music we gently sway
Where did our uniqueness go?

In the darkness of the night
The suburb streetlamps lend their light
From the quiet peace that quells the fight
Where did motivation go?

With children wider than they are tall
The honest eye we do appal
This isn’t our intent at all
But where did dedication go?

In remembrance of what was right
The restless spirit wings its flight
Forgotten is its former might
Down lost trails does it go

Should the veils be rent asunder
We would behold, with eyes of wonder
The magnitude of ceaseless plunder
Far too late to change it, though

To be alive, yet forget to live
Is our great accomplishment
We, in place of adaptation, give
Our goals an utter banishment

Without heed and without shout
The Flame is steadily put out
Silently, the warning lost
And so tragic is the cost