The vast field was surrounded by dancing trees. The trees were in a state of ecstasy. The field was covered under various selections of the lushest green grass. There I was, standing in the field. The wind, so unrestrained, swam in the river of leaves on the branches. The wind then dove in the sea of tall and short grass. That invisible, loving entanglement did not deny anything on its path. The wind gently brushed against my skin and slid over my t-shirt which created a ripple effect like it would on a freedom flag. My attention was drawn to melodies in the air. It was the songs of birds that were heard from every side. A couple here on this side and a couple there. Their chants united in a single symphony of sweet praises and thanksgiving. They celebrated life and freedom. In the sky, long-winged birds flew up very high, and then suddenly dove down really low, so low on the ground, just above the grass, right above the shadows of the trees that swayed on the grass. The birds manoeuvred like the wind but even more unrestrained than the wind. These birds knew no comfort. Their exertion was to be fully alive, fully aware. As I was standing there in the middle of this field I realized that complacency was a strange concept here. My senses were under constant assaults of movement and sound. Even the smell of the plant kingdom was omnipresent and it was relaxing on the mind. This odour screamed that life has everywhere begun. All life was facing the mighty sun. The bright globe had spread its tabernacle over the field again. Its heat waves continuously showered on my skin. I kissed its raiment and it kissed me back. The Sun was showering love over all creatures. It ensured us that darkness was a myth. That darkness did not exist. The Sun descended its life-giving forces on the inhabitants of the field to comfort the hearts that coldness was a child’s wimp.

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