We look at faces as if we see
One another’s capacity
We make assumptions, we tell lies
Yet still consider ourselves so wise
We flash smiles, and laugh around
While the pain we feel within is profound
We gaze at bodies their colors and size
And still believe we have chaste eyes
We exalt the rich and denounce the poor
When in truth the latter’s wealth is more
We allow the guilty to roam free
When their actions are naught but blameworthy
The innocent we then truss in chains
And blameless are put to shame
The faultless are made to cry
While their oppressor’s deeds are glorified
We steal knowledge when we cheat
To overcome the tests we meet
And we seem to excel in clear injustice
While enlightened minds are left alone and hopeless
We measure wisdom through some tests
And with competition we assess
What splendor, truth and glory are
But the results we gather, from truth are far
Our perceptions of beauty are hence distorted
And the seekers of truth, oppressed and thwarted
Still seeking cause for this fatality:
Find our inability to distinguish appearance from reality

Comments on “(real)”:

Farnaz says:
18 Jan 2011, 00:06

I really like this poem, concepts are clearly shared. I have enjoyed reading this and a number of other stories, poems...etc. Thank you all for your dedication and for sharing your talents [I can't write as elegantly as many of you do!!] :):)