We ebb and we flow
pulled by a force beyond our own volition
and we are carried by it
drawn as we were in the beginning
in that glimpse of dawn on the horizon
that led us to these shores

and we wade in far past the warnings of the wise
playing with those moments
where the undertow becomes too strong
for our weak grasp to prevent
and we find ourselves dragged under
scraped against the bottom
fighting for air
yet still unwilling to break away from that current
knowing that it draws us towards
that glimpse of dawn against the gloom

and that once we learn to stop fighting
once we see that the ocean is rich
with the oxygen and life
we learn how to open new eyes
to breathe with new lungs
until we become as one
with that life force
neither pulled by it
nor pulling
but rather part of all we once fought
to become

Comments on “Volition”:

Maryam DiMauro says:
29 May 2012, 00:12

So beautiful ladies! Don't stop writing! The world needs it!