What if… (response 1)

This piece is one in a series of responses to “What If…” that we’ll be posting this week.

If I understood I was a cell in a body, how differently would I speak?

Words spoken between red blood cells are not secrets. Muscle cells are firmly attached to each other: their words resound throughout the body until somewhere, in the rotation of a hip, in the flexing of an arm, what was spoken will speak itself again. There is only one conversation that we continue to advance. Our words split and multiply, they flow as blood through veins and make up tooth enamel. What the cells say should bring health to the body, but if the cells think that the body is a finger, that the body is a tunnel behind an ear, their words will seem disjointed. Some cells are going out to meet their neighbours for the first time. We cells are of different types and functions, coming to a shared understanding of the exigencies of our body. The nucleus of our thought is its betterment. We work aware of the spiritual forces that ring the receptors of our skin, telling us of a world that is beyond the body we serve, that the body is only a part of.