What if… (response 3)

This piece is one in a series of responses to “What If…” that we are posting this week.

If I could see the invisible energy that connects us all, then what would my morning be like and then my afternoon and evening?


When the sun rises I arise and turn my face towards
Both the sun out my window and the Sun of Truth
Conscious that millions across a city, a province, a time zone
Are also arising-however tentatively-from a night of slumber
Off of straw beds, mats, wooden beds, queen size canopy beds
Some from the cold comfort of a bed of heedlessness
I tearfully think about all of those who are beginning to awaken
And pray that they when they open their eyes, they will be able to
Perceive the Majestic Sun glimmering and radiating heat
Which all can feel however faintly and can learn to reflect
And I pray that these dear ones who are an integral part of me
Will learn to reflect the Sun according to their own pattern


Sun beats energy
Propelling job search
To become a tree that yields


As the sun goes down, I go home from my job interview, riding the subway, benefitting from the invisible energy of motion. There are many people around me, many wearing their headphones and others staring into space. I sit there and try to visualize the invisible energy, to look past the headphones and downcast eyes to see what is not visible, to hear in the conversations what is not being said. I think of my morning prayer and how each of these people are connected by the invisible energy of the Sun of Truth.

I think about the potential energy that exists in the subway and how when a subway is stationary, it is much harder to perceive the energy of motion it is capable of producing. I wonder if the invisible energy connecting me to the others works the same way, if it is easier to see it when I take steps to connect.