What if…

If I understood I was a cell in a body, how differently would I speak?

If I understood that I am one with you and you and you, how would I listen?

If I could see the invisible energy that connects us all, then what would my morning be like and then my afternoon and evening?

If I could really know, like really, really know, that what is best for everyone is really what is best for me, then what would my choices begin to look like?

If I could get that I am a soul on a journey through this one brief world, only the second of an infinite number, what would I let myself feel sad about?

If I could see how quickly it will pass, in the second it took to blink your eye, what would I choose to worry about?

If I could trust that what appears to be solid is not, and what cannot be seen is real, then how would I live my life?

If I really, truly believed in my own nobility and yours, would I ever feel unsure of love, say sharp words, get hurt, defensive of my ideas or imagine that somehow I know best? Would I let you think those ways about me, or even if you did look at who I am or what I have done and passed judgement, would I take it to heart?

If I could just see that everyone is capable of learning, that we all have a soul that understands that we are one body trying to come to life, wouldn’t my heart most often be at rest, my mind tranquil, joy shining in my eyes and love, true and abiding love for you and for me, because we are the very same?